Utilia is distributor and authorized training company of several consulting companies around the world, working with them for the supply of internationally used tools

Scharley & Partner is a company based in Germany which is active on the international market through the planning of innovative assessment services and the development of online assessment tools.

Scharley & Partner has always been a leading company at international level, as founding member and partner of the Global Alliance for Performance Improvement (GAPI). The tools of Scharley & Partner are available for all the HR functions of the company, after having carried out an appropriate training activity. UTilia is one of its accredited partner, sole distributor and authorised trainer of its tools on the Italian market.

Saville Consulting is a leading company – known at an international level – in the planning of sophisticated tools for the diagnosis and the development of the work performance. Thanks to an intense research activity and a notable investment in the potentialities of the new technologies, the company managed to create a wide range of cutting-edge and multidimensional tools able to optimise the assessment time and integrate the relevant dimensions: talents, reasons and work culture. The strong incentive to innovation and the high quality of the research made the project – started by Seville Consulting in 2004 – one of the most important in the sector with the collaboration of partners in more than 40 Countries of the world.

Since 1947 the company Schuhfried has focused its work on the following values: quality, high precision and constant consideration of the methods. It collaborates with very important protagonists of the international scientific world and  bases the product development on the most recent theoretical updates, on valuable practical experiences and on researches with a strong orientation to the traffic and security psychology.

For more than 30 years, Inscape Publishing/Wiley has been engaged in the distribution of DiSC®-based assessment tools with the aim of releasing them from the limits of the bureaucracy and leading them in the organisations through the last developments of the new technologies. Nowadays, the Inscape products are used all over the world by hundreds of companies of all sizes.

a&dc are the leaders in behavioural assessment and development. They make a measurable difference to business performance by using behavioural assessment to recruit and select great talent into every job, developing leadership behaviours that enhance business results, and engaging and motivating people to deliver at their best.